Car Seat Clinics

Car Seat Clinics/Checks

According to the MN DOT did you realize 3 out of 4 car seats are used incorrectly? Car seat checks are intended to make sure your child is safe in their travels, but more-so we train you to be able to take the seat in/out of the vehicle. When you leave, we want you to be able to change the seat between your vehicle, a rental, or maybe grandma and grandpa’s vehicle..They need their kid time too 🙂

We allow for 1/2 hour appointments to come and learn about your seat, check for recalls on both your seat and the vehicle, and make sure it is properly installed in that vehicle for your child’s age. All inspections are performed by a certified car seat technician that is required to keep up to date with current events and known defects. Technicians get re-certified every 2 years to make sure they are teaching to industry standards.

Anyone who has or has potential to travel with a young child in their vehicle not tall enough to use the seat-belt without a booster seat (MN law – Under age 8 and shorter than 4’9″) will benefit from this class.

Cost Options:
» $15 per seat (Inspection Only)
» Free (If taken with a CPR/First Aid class)








We Strongly encourage you to take this in conjunction with a CPR/First Aid class. A car seat is only protection in case of accident, but it doesn’t teach you about choking or potentially other issues our bundles of joy may find to get themselves into trouble.

Unlike our CPR/First Aid classes, due to the low cost we will only schedule appointments either at our location or the general vicinity if not taken with a CPR class. With this said don’t hesitate to call us, many times our techs are throughout the cities teaching and are happy to stop by.